Dunedin KinderGarten

On this light commercial job we pulled all clay tiles off the roof, earthquake strengthened the brick walls while the roof was off and then re cladded the roof with colour steel.


Kings High School

This job was an insurance claim from a fire that was started on the Kings High Schools gymnasium in Dunedin. Once we made the job safe enough for the insurance assesors to inspect the damage, we pulled off all the burnt ply linins on the inside and weatherboard on the outside. Then we re-framed walls and re-lined interior and exterior back to its original way.


New Zealand Couriers / Post Haste / DX Couriers

This job involved a major refit inside and outside the existing building. We removed all of the original petitions inside and reconstructed a completely new office block. On the outside, we extended out the front side of the building and took out the old existing wall to create a bigger working space for their warehouse.